Scott Jolley Production Services is a collection of film making and technical geeks. I am the ringleader, Scott Jolley. I will talk for hours about the theories of camera movement, stand in awe at the lighting God provides at sunset (he is my favorite gaffer), and become totally engrossed in telling stories.

Telling stories is what I do, whether with light, or by moving a camera through a space, or by explaining why Lakemary Center deserves funding in a documentary. I also believe in the power of teams. In my mind, I have no competitors, only partners and associates.

SJPS specializes in jib arm rental, jib arm operators, drones, multi-rotors, UAV’s, helicopters and steadicams in Kansas, Missouri, Arkansas, Iowa and Nebraska. We also have a network of Directors of Photography, Camera Operators, Editors, Gaffers, etc. Our passion for film making runs deep. We don’t work or consider what we do a job. We play, and we play hard.

Partial Credits

CBS 48 Hours
Disovery Channel How Stuff Works
A&E Biography
 History Channel  Modern Marvels
ABC SuperNanny
National Geographic Strange Days on the Planet Earth, Mega Deconstruction
HBO Real Sports
 Kurtis Productions Day Under Fire, (multiple episodes)
CMT Trick my Truck, Farm Aid, Top 20 Countdown, The CMA Awards, Grand Ol Opry Live, Garth Brooks Live
Telemundo-La Ley De Salencio
MTV-The Mandy Moore Show
Showtime Boxing
Wide Awake Films– Five Hours in the Valley of Death, Spotsylvania Courthouse (Documentaries)
Kevin Willmott’s Bunker Hill Feature film
Kevin Willmott’s The Only Good Indian Feature film



With over 20 years of jib experience, SJPS offers Jimmy Jib triangle jib arms with a reach of up to 30 feet and full remote pan and tilt heads. A passion for movement drives us to create dynamic shots.

We have a network of seasoned operators and can provide as many jibs as you need in any configuration wherever you need us. Call for rates and more information. We really like to talk about this stuff.

After attending the Steadicam Operators Association Workshop with Jerry Holway, and Garrett Brown (the inventor of the steadicam), we became full blown evangelists, preaching the gospel of camera movement. The love we experience designing and executing meaningful shots is similar to the joy experienced at the birth of a first born son. Seriously, we love our steadicams, but not in a weird way.
UAV’s Multi Rotors Drones
We have been working with little quadcopters for over three years now. We offer state of the art DJI products including the Inspire 1 among many others. Check out the aerial reels in the demo section.
Camera Packages
What kind of camera are you looking for? If we don’t have it, we can get it for you. Need a DIT? We can hook you up also. Cameras, dollys, lighting packages, we know everybody in the region, and can set up any production deal you may need.
We were steeped in the Avid world, but currently enjoy the Adobe CS playground. We have editors for all platforms. Need a edit suite on site? No problem.
Looking for a 1st AC? How about craft services, or maybe 10 PA’s. Our network can supply all the experience you require. Kansas City is the fortunate home of passionate film makers and film support crew. Let me introduce you to them.
New Media Consultant
Look at our beautiful website. Like what you see?  If so, our sister company, Modit4Me, can build you one equally as powerful. Unless you are Hitler.